Post-mortem, Post-shmortem.

nose dive

Fix it when it matters – BEFORE the project takes a nosedive.

As a project manager you want all your projects to be successful. I know I do. No matter how hard you try, if you’re really experienced, you’ve had your fair share of project trouble. We’ve all been there, when things have not gone exactly smooth, someone brings up the post-mortem. It’s a popular belief that […] Read More

7 Reasons Why Your Project Will Fail Without a Project Manager

Mad Men Season 5

How did the real Mad Men get anything done? Imagine the following scenario. You've got a team of highly skilled professionals who are responsible and competent, and have a great work ethic and self-discipline. They know exactly what needs to be done and by when. They communicate well. They don’t have conflicting agendas, and they […] Read More